Render-to-Video Beta

You can now see Render-toVideos now here, from those who got into the Beta (Lucky people). Also read the post over at Bungie.

Average Joe

Another “Average Joe” over at Bungie. This weekes “Average Joe” is VENOM MDK. Read the post here.

Little More About VENOM MDK:

“My name is Adam you killed my father prepare to die. Well not really about the father part. I’m currently a business analyst although I do more than what a typical business analyst does. As for my hobbies, besides playing Halo 3 I’m a Cub Master for my son’s Cub Scout Pack. I also like to spend time with my family.”

Scroll up to see the whole post from

Dragons in Halo 3?

Up in this weeks Screenshot Spotlight is Meatball O Doom. This guy can make some good gragons in Halo 3. Go see the interview here.

The top picture is made by Meatball O Doom.

Tag and Release


Over at Bungie there’s a new Tag and Release, and it’s about Halo. (The top picture is from the Tag and Release post.)

E3 Talk About Halo 3 ODST


GameTrailer’s Bonus Round Episode 304, they talk a lot about Halo 3 ODST and how Microsoft is maybe in development on another Halo game. Go cheack it out Bonus Round Episode 304.

Bungie Day Marathon

Team Sleepers is a of group “Halo freaks” who are going on this challenge, and play Halo 3 for 24 hours on Bugnie Day (July 7, 2009). With this challenge there, going to raise money for the Halo universe. For more information about Team Sleepers, and the challenge click here.

Win Recon


Here is how to win and some rules:

* Fire up Halo 3’s Campaign any time tomorrow, Sunday, May 17th, on Legendary difficulty 4-player Co-op with the Iron Skull enabled, and load up the final level in the game, Halo.

* Play through with your foursome, locate and enter the four Ghosts together, and complete the level.

* Take some screenshots of something awesome along the way, upload your best screenshot (singular) to your File Share, and tag it: “Vidmaster Annual.” (No, you don’t need to include the quotations, the period, or the capital letters.)

This ends Sunday so go get on Halo 3 and get 4 others to play.



Site Updates

5/17/09 Welcome to H3 Today, the site is up and ever page has somthing on it. Go see, and please tell us how you are liking the site. My e-mail is, or go to the Contact Us page.

Halo 3: Double EXP Weekend

5/14/09-5/17/09 Grifball: Try to get a bomb to other teams side to win but, watch out every one has gravaity hammer and swords!

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