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Morning Buzz “Bungie Weekly Update and More”


Welcome to the Buzz!

Bungie Weekly Update:

Render-to-Video has gone beta, we’ve got two times the Q&A, and there’s more Recon up for grabs. Click Here


The Render-to-Video service has been on the community’s mind since we mentioned its existence some months back.  Each and every update we published that didn’t include news about the planned rendering service was met with Private Messages wanting to know what was up.  The answer was always the same, “We’re working on it.”  We still are.  But we’re also ready to see how it performs in the wild. Breaking the silence on just what Render-to-Video is, how it will (and won’t) work, and whether or not you’ll be granted access to the public beta is our very own, Roger Wolfson.  You may know him colloquially as “The Wolf,” but don’t worry, though his bite is way worse than his bark, we’ve done the dangerous work ourselves, stepped into the den, and came away with all the details.  We also came away with bite marks (and quite possibly, rabies).  While we tend to our wounds, read on for details on Render-to-Video’s public beta, straight from the keeper of “The Contraption” himself. Click here for the whole post and a little prview of this.

Video of the Week:

“This is just a little Halo 3 Montage I made.  My editing isn’t anything to write home about, but I have everything synced up pretty well with the music.  This is mainly a “classic style” montage if you will – mostly 1st person POV with reticule visible.  At least it is action packed!  Enjoy!”

Morning Buzz is a new post you’ll see every Friday and Saturday, telling you about Bungies Weekly Updates and Halo 3 news of that week. This just a little test, there will be more in these posts!


Halo 3 Montage: “Kampy :: Feelin’ Weird – A Halo 3 Montage”

Just saw this Montage on Youtube and I thought you guys should see it. All I can see it is amazing. It is made by FBWalshyFTW.

By: FBWalshyFTW

This is a Halo 3 montage that Kampy released a while back but never got around to releasing until now. There’s tons as social ownage as you might expect and there’s a good amount of MLG clips as well. Enjoy!



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We are a new Halo 3 Blog  just giving you the best news, or information about Halo 3 and the upcoming game Halo 3 ODST. H3 Today is all about Halo 3 news. We have the best information and we promise to give that to you. Look out for more posts coming soon.



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5/17/09 Welcome to H3 Today, the site is up and ever page has somthing on it. Go see, and please tell us how you are liking the site. My e-mail is, or go to the Contact Us page.

Halo 3: Double EXP Weekend

5/14/09-5/17/09 Grifball: Try to get a bomb to other teams side to win but, watch out every one has gravaity hammer and swords!

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