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Bungie Day Marathon

Team Sleepers is a of group “Halo freaks” who are going on this challenge, and play Halo 3 for 24 hours on Bugnie Day (July 7, 2009). With this challenge there, going to raise money for the Halo universe. For more information about Team Sleepers, and the challenge click here.




Site Updates

5/17/09 Welcome to H3 Today, the site is up and ever page has somthing on it. Go see, and please tell us how you are liking the site. My e-mail is, or go to the Contact Us page.

Halo 3: Double EXP Weekend

5/14/09-5/17/09 Grifball: Try to get a bomb to other teams side to win but, watch out every one has gravaity hammer and swords!

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